Disaster Nursing Global Leader Degree Program

Admission Information for Applicants for Year 2015
・University of Kochi
・University of Hyogo
・Chiba University
・Tokyo Medical and Dental University
・Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing

Admission Information

Disaster Nursing Global Leader Degree Program is the first inter-curricular nursing graduate program in Japan established by University of Kochi, University of Hyogo, Chiba University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and Japan Red Cross College of Nursing. This program aims to educate global nurse leaders who can respond and bring solutions to a wide range of problems arising from disasters and who possess interdisciplinary leadership abilities in global arena.

【Characteristics of the Program】

(1) This program is a five-year, cooperative doctoral course.

(2) Students are to be registered at one of the participating universities, but students must enroll at the university at which their main advisor is registered.

(3) Students can use any facility at all of the participating universities.

(4) Students may choose to work with any advising faculty from participating university as academic advisors, but not as their main supervisor.

(5) Students may participate in courses from other participating universities via distance learning.
The degree is offered by each of five universities that constitute the cooperative doctoral course.

Admission Policy

Applicants who wish to enroll in Disaster Nursing Global Leader Degree Program must show the potential to the following:
1) Applicant has a vision to work as a disaster nursing global leader.
2) Applicant is competent and committed to working as a disaster nursing global leader in the future.

Ph.D. (Nursing), Disaster Nursing Global Leader

【Maximum Number of Enrollment】
Each university will admit 2 students per year, and the total of 10 students will be selected to begin the DNGL program as a cohort. Each university administers its own admission exam according to its own graduate admission exam policies.

Number of Students to be Admitted
University per year Total at the end of 5 Years

University of Kochi

2 10

University of Hyogo

2 10

Chiba University

2 10

Tokyo Medical and Dental University

2 10

Japan Red Cross College of Nursing

2 10
Total 10 50


【Contact Information for Five Universities】
Admission exams will begin in the fall of 2013. Please contact graduate office of the university you wish to apply for specific information (i.e., exam dates and admission procedures).

<Contact Information for Admission>

University of Kochi

Faculty Contact
Sakiko Kanbara
TEL 088-847-8630
e-mail: kanbara@cc.u-kochi.ac.jp

Yoko Nakayama
TEL 088-847-8630
e-mail: nakayama@cc.u-kochi.ac.jp

Student Division
TEL 088-847-8580 FAX 088-8579

University of Hyogo

Faculty Contact
Noriko Katada
TEL 078-925-9442
e-mail: n_katada@cnas.u-hyogo.ac.jp

Faculty Contact
Aiko Yamamoto
TEL 078-925-9646
e-mail: a_yamamoto@cnas.u-hyogo.ac.jp

Student Division
TEL 078-925-9404  FAX 078-925-0858

Chiba University

Faculty Contact
Tomoko Komagata
e-mail: komatomo@chiba-u.jp

Graduate School
TEL 043-226-2450
e-mail: tae5667@office.chiba-u.jp

Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Faculty Contact
e-mail: tmd.dngl.cc@tmd.ac.jp

Graduate School Entrance Exam Unit, Admission Section
TEL 03-5803-4924
e-mail: nyushi.adm@cmn.tmd.ac.jp

Japan Red Cross College of Nursing

Faculty Contact
Mariko Ohara
TEL 03-3409-0875
e-mail: hara-ma@redcross.ac.jp

Admission Office
TEL 03-3409-0595
email: nyushi@redcross.ac.jp


Important Information
(1) Applicants must have received clearance for taking exams from the university. Applicants are responsible for contacting the university to which they wish to apply and conform to instructions for the educational contents and graduate admission exam schedule.

(2) Applicants must apply and take the admission exam from the university one wishes to apply. Once admitted, the applicant is regarded as the student at the admitted university, and the admitted students will be charged tuition and fees that have been set by each university.

(3) Disaster Nursing Global Leader Program is planning to offer financial support for students who will study in this program.