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Education and Research

Courses of the Department

Department of Strategic Management

aims at developing human resources that are capable of responding to changes in the environment surrounding managerial structures.

  • Global Management Course
  • Accounting and Informatics Course

Department of Business Creation

aims at cultivating "entrepreneurs" pursuing a career in entrepreneurship and management of the 21st century.

  • Entrepreneurial Management Course
  • Market Analysis Course


Enhancement of small-sized seminars

The School of Business Administration conducts small-group studies, a tradition passed down from the Kobe University of Commerce. All the students belong to a four-year "seminar" program which has approximately 10 students per group. The students will learn the proficiency that will meet the necessary requirements as well as the fundamentals, such as an independent mind and communication skills. The students can select among distinctive seminars according to their interests.

Internship to local enterprises

The students will engage in the internship program during summer vacation, which is not only a 'work experience,' but also to learn how to create a 'proposal of business plans.' The internship aims to cultivate the students' abilities of business analysis, planning, and presentation skills. In order to prepare for the internship, the students will study various methods of analysis in the first semester, and after the internship, they will be able to prepare reports to make a proposal for their internship.

Establishment of Five-Year-Education System

The Graduate School, which consists of a two-year master's program and a three-year doctoral program, offers students the opportunity to acquire sophisticated expertise. The Graduate School of Accountancy, which was established in 2007, aims to produce professional accountants with specialized skills. The Graduate School of Business, which was established in 2010, is designed to foster professionals with management skills. Students with excellent records can benefit from a unified five-year program of undergraduate and graduate education, which enables them to enter the Graduate School one year before their graduation. Moreover, the Graduate School has a doctoral program for those who would like to continue further research.


Department of Strategic Management

Global Management Course
Name Fields of Interest
Ikuya Kano Organizational justice and telework; Working at home
Masanao Kawakami Profit based business model innovation
Kazutaka Komiya Marketing for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and Entrepreneurs
Toshinori Takashina Empirical study on retention management of care-giving workers
Katsuo Toma Strategy and organization for technological and social innovation
Akihito Nishide Coordination of organizations in introducing information systems
Tetsuya Fujie Mathematical optimization: Integer programming and combinatorial optimization
Hideo Misaki Creative organization, organizational justice
Takahide Yamaguchi International management
Shuichi Akiyama Marketing strategy and interorganizational relationships
Takanori Shimizu Economics of decision making under uncertainty
Yuya Higashikawa Theoretical Computer Science: Constructing algorithmic foundations towards real-world applications
Yuanyuan Gong Internationalization strategy and capability building of emerging market multinational enterprises
Accounting and Informatics Course
Name Fields of Interest
Toru Kaise Methodologies for risk analysis based on Bayesian theories
Saki Kawarada Study on governmental accounting system and performance measurement
Shinji Toribe Valuation of finance and productivity in health, Social care organizations in private sector
Masahiko Hayashi Aligning accounting information systems with business strategy
Toshitami Matsumoto Characterization of finite state automata in view of the general systems theory
Noriko Onohara Japanese fashion culture in contemporary global era
Naoki Tsujikawa Accounting standard-setting process
Yoichiro Tsuduki Applying business accounting theory in the governmental field
Wakako Hyodo The disclosure of nonprofit organizations
Naoki Fukuda Environmental change and budgeting
Yoshiya Moritani Statistical inference for singular models
Norihisa Inokura Web-based contents for people with disabilities

Department of Business Creation

Entrepreneurial Management Course
Name Fields of Interest
Atsushi Ikeda Services marketing & management
Kayoko Kinshi Contrastive linguistics, English education
Takashi Tohi Sociology of sport
Shingo Nishii Globalization of knowledge intensive business services; Industrial clustering strategy, Business model innovation of community enterprise
Kouki Matsumura Sport management: Consumer behavior in sport industry
Shogo Enokibara Utilization of microbial resource
Shoji Kamise Revitalization of local commerce, deregulation effect on distribution system
Michiaki Kotera Research on the organization management associated with industry-academia collaboration work
Takeshi Fujikawa Management of small and medium-sized enterprises
Masashi Ochi Study on evaluation of urban competitiveness
Market Analysis Course
Name Fields of Interest
Hiroko Kurumai Theoretical analysis on regression model in econometrics
Kazuto Shimonaka Law of corporation and securities regulation
Takashi Tanaka Research on consumer choice in insurance and its influential elements
Yoshiro Yasuda The new financial statement structure in evaluating the business activities of the firm
Yukiko Yokoyama Empirical research on the labor market and the social security system in Japan
Hiroyuki Hashimoto Macroeconomic theory on demographic change, human capital accumulation and public policy
Kazuo Yamada Empirical research in monetary economics
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