Organization Chart

Research Structure

Division of Broad Scope Nursing Practice

Disaster Nursing

As a WHO Collaborating Centre, the institute carries out academic activities related to disaster nursing inside and outside the country. While conducting research contributing to the reduction of influences by disasters on human lives and health, we encourage integrated studies from different fields with the purpose of strengthening the community’s response to disasters, providing education, and solving health issues during times of disasters.

Global Health Nursing

With the ever-changing state of the world and the future of our country in our view, we are engaged in research and activities across borders. We attempt to clarify the social factors affecting people’s physical/mental health through our international collaborative research using data on regional epidemiology. In an attempt to enable international exchange of human resources and knowledge related to disaster nursing and nursing education, we highly welcome trainees from overseas. We also provide health guidance for foreigners living in Japan.

Division of Nursing Practice Development

Public health nursing / community nursing

We carry out practice and collaborative research in the field of healthcare and welfare systems. In addition to supporting the Town Health Care Room, which is run by the Hyogo Nursing Association, we organize the Specialized Town Health Care Room. We also conduct research activities that are geared toward solving issues of maintaining and improving the health of community residents by collaborating with the local government and affiliated organizations.

Division of Perinatal Nursing Care Development

Based on the Perinatal Nursing Care Research Center established in the Hyogo Prefectural Amagasaki General Medical Center, we develop evidence-based nursing and midwifery care strategies. Furthermore, we work on constructing professional development and support systems for midwives and nurses for safe and secure pregnancy, delivery, and child-rearing.