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International Academic Partnerships

The College of Nursing Art and Science has partnership agreements with three overseas universities.



University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Nursing


Hasanuddin University, Faculty of Medicine


University of Indonesia


(as of February 2016)

International Students

We are proud to host students from China, South Korea, and other countries. To ensure our international students can focus on their studies, we offer a range of support, including a system in which faculty members are assigned to look after specific students to that no-one falls through the cracks.
Naturally, we are eager for our Japanese and international students to interact, and we have a number of initiatives to encourage this. For instance, the annual International Week is a forum for international interaction, and the Research Institute of Nursing Care for People and Communityfs International Town Health Care Room initiative offers a unique way for people of diverse backgrounds to come together and learn their nursing craft.

In addition to the collegefs own international initiatives, the University of Hyogo also offers support to international students, including Japanese language classes, a range of events, promotion of international understanding, and global information exchange. Moreover, International Program Coordinators make regular visits to international students on campus to help with any concerns they may have.

Extracurricular Activity

At our nursing school, many students are active in a range of extracurricular clubs. For instance, the international nursing circle, Nursing in the World, is a regular feature of local events attended by local foreign residents, and holds many events of its own. They also help with the International Town Health Care Room initiative, which offers health checkups for Akashi Cityfs international community. In this way, we bring together people of all ages and backgrounds with a shared interest in international nursing so they can learn in an enjoyable, mutually rewarding environment.

A Nursing in the World event

Global Nursing Education Unit

Our Global Nursing Education Unit is offered as part of the University of Hyogofs Global Leader Program. Courses include Global Health, Healthcare Communication, World Nursing Issues, and English Speeches about Care Culture.

Overseas Study

The University of Hyogo offers a program of overseas study, which is focused chiefly on language instruction and incorporates training in a wide range of areas. Each year, a handful of nursing students participate in short-term study courses in countries like Australia, China, and the United States. Experiencing other cultures and other countriesf medical and nursing styles is an ideal way for students to broaden their horizons and forge rewarding career paths.

Workshops and Seminars

We occasionally hold seminars and lectures with guest speakers from overseas. Moreover, part of our annual International Week is a workshop where students hear from those returning from abroad about their experiences studying overseas the state of nursing in those countries.


We are always eager to invite notable speakers from overseas to speak to our students and faculty on a range of topics. These talks invariably feature insights that can be applied in nursing practice and research, and serve to broaden studentsf horizons.

International Parties

Our informal international parties are a great way for students to come together, cook, eat, and chat-all in English. From fluent speakers to those relying more on gestures than prose, everyone has a great time discussing each otherfs culinary cultures.

International week

International Week features a series of lunchtime talks by students and faculty members who have travelled or studied overseas. These talks are an ideal way for students to learn about nursing and other aspects of life in other countries.