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Message from the President

The University of Hyogo Prepares You for Future Careers in the International Arena

Isao Ohta, President of University of Hyogo

The University of Hyogo was established in 2004 through a merger of three prefectural universities: the Kobe University of Commerce, the Himeji Institute of Technology, and the College of Nursing Art and Science. Our roots trace back 88 years, to 1929, to the foundation of the Hyogo Prefectural Kobe Higher School of Commerce, the predecessor of the Kobe University of Commerce. In our long history, we have produced a number of talented graduates in the fields of economy, industry, academy, medicine, and healthcare, who have built successful careers as business and academic leaders. Our university has also attracted numerous international students, many of whom have found employment in Japan.

The University of Hyogo is a leading public university in Japan, consisting of six undergraduate schools, fourteen graduate schools, four affiliated laboratories and affiliated junior high and high schools. The newest Graduate School of Disaster Resilience and Governance was established in April 2017 to draw on the experience and knowledge of Hyogo which recovered from the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake of 1995 in a short period of time. Our campuses are located in cities with distinctive features that are suitable to foster education and research. For example, from among cities across Hyogo Prefecture—which is known as the "Microcosm of Japan" for its diverse culture, history, and environment—Kobe is an international port city and Himeji is home to the World Heritage site Himeji Castle.

With campuses located near world-class, state-of-the-art research facilities such as the large synchrotron radiation facility "SPring-8" and the K computer, the University of Hyogo has built collaborative relationships with RIKEN and other leading research institutions of Japan. Our university individually has a variety of advanced research equipment and facilities, such as a medium-sized synchrotron radiation facility and Japan's largest astronomical telescope. We make effective use of these distinctive resources to provide advanced education and research opportunities.

In addition to six major programs, we offer all undergraduate students special programs to help them learn about disaster risk reduction and management and tackle community problems in a population-declining society. These programs will expand the horizons of our students and help them in their job search.

If you choose to attend our university, you will enjoy your student life in this exciting and vibrant environment. All of our faculty and staff are looking forward to meeting you.

If you choose to study at our university, you will enjoy the following three advantages. First, you will be provided with small-class education that is tailored to your personality. Second, you will receive inspiring and enlightening education that nurtures creativity. Finally, you will be given access to synchrotron radiation facilities and other state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and facilities for advanced experiments and practices. These educational opportunities will help you enjoy the pleasure of learning and understanding.

We sincerely hope you choose to attend the University of Hyogo, which will provide various intellectual insights and prepare you for your future careers in the international arena. We firmly believe that your time at our university will be pleasant and fruitful.