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TRY! What is your challenge?

Trying University

University Supports your TRY

That is our focus


High Level Education and Cutting-edge Research

Career support

Enhanced Career Support

Facilities and environment

Supportive Educational Campus

Three Stances in Support of Your ‘TRY’

The University of Hyogo incorporates the three stances of a sound education, employment support, and facilitative environment in supporting the dreams and meeting the single-minded passion of students.

Now, are you ready to take on your ‘TRY’?


The basic colors of the university emblem are blue and gold, which represent profound wisdom and a bright future. The three pillars used as the motif denote “Education, Research, and Social Contribution”, which are the principles of the University of Hyogo, and thereby represent the position of the university to keep growing as a “center of intelligence” which is also open to society.