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School of Economics

International Economics
Acquires solid analysis techniques for analyzing the globalizing world economy.
Applied Economics
Explores "quality of life," or true "affluence".

The School of Economics is committed to providing an “Extensive economics coursework” education that covers the global economy, regions, environments, public policies, information analysis, etc. on the basis of theories and analytical skills that allow its students to understand and interpret rapidly changing economies. The school introduced an “International Career Course” in which subjects are taught in English for the purpose of developing students' English language skills.

The Graduate School of Economics incorporates more than 40 subjects and fosters economists and researchers with advanced expertise in the respective fields of the global economy and regional economy.

  • Features of the School of Economics
  • Provides a systematic educational curriculum
  • Fosters respect for individuality via small-group instruction
  • Emphasizes the importance of information and foreign language education

Graduate School

Graduate School of Economics

Student Quota

  • Course of Economics
  • Master’s program: 20 students (10 students per grade)
  • Doctoral program: 15 students (5 students per grade)
  • Course of Regional and Public Policy
  • Master’s program: 20 students (10 students per grade)



Kobe Campus for Commerce
8-2-1, Gakuennishi-machi, Nishi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo

Student Quota

Undergraduate School

International Economics, Applied Economics:
 800 students (200 students per grade)