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Establishment of the Graduate School of Social Sciences, University of Hyogo

Independent Graduate Schools

The University of Hyogo will establish the Graduate School of Social Sciences in April 2021, by reorganizing and integrating the Graduate School of Economics, the Graduate School of Business Administration, the Graduate School of Accountancy, and the Graduate School of Business.

The Graduate School of Social Sciences consists of five departments: the Department of Economics (Master’s Program and Doctoral Program), the Department of Business (Master’s Program and Doctoral Program), the Department of Global Business (Master’s Program), the Department of Professional Accountancy (Professional Degree Program), and the Department of Professional Business (Professional Degree Program).

Purpose of Establishment
As part of the effort to respond to the changes in global circumstances brought about by rapid globalization, the University of Hyogo reorganized undergraduate schools and opened the School of Economics and Management in 2019, with the goal to develop human resources who can play an active role on the global stage, using their extensive knowledge of economics and business administration.
This time, we have decided to launch a new graduate school to provide a higher level of graduate education and research in economics and business administration, and to offer our education and research organization’s prompt and flexible response to social demand.
The new graduate school has four major features: education/research programs that benefit from the achievements and characteristics of the existing graduate schools; the Department of Global Business created as an extension of the Global Business Course of the School of Economics and Management; a clearer and more specific vision of human resources to be developed; and enriched recurrent education programs.
Department of Global Business
The Department of Global Business (currently offering only a Master’s Program) aims mainly to nurture business persons equipped with the capabilities necessary to play an active role on the global stage. Students will learn law, comparative culture, comparative society and other subjects, as well as management, economics and Japanese business. All classes will be offered in English. In the compulsory specialized subject Consulting Project, students will develop the perspective necessary for a global business person through participation in fieldwork overseas.
The Department of Global Business offers fall (September) admission in addition to regular admission in April, considering the overseas academic calendar.
This department has an admission quota of 6 students.
This department offers a Master of Global Business Administration degree after completion.
Structure and List of Subjects / Research support subjects
  Research Ethics
  Research Methodology
  Intercultural Communication
Core specialized subjects
  Consulting Project
  Global Business or Japanese Business
  Comparative Culture
  Comparative Society
  Japanese Culture and Society
  Global History
  Seminar ⅠⅡ
  With the writing of a master’s thesis as the final goal, students are expected to acquire the knowledge and skills required for research.
Entrance Examination
The entrance examination for admission in April is held in September and February. For admission in September, it is held in February and June.
Application Guidlines and Forms
The application instructions and forms will be posted here. Entrance examinations are held in September,February,and June, and the guidelines will be posted in early July, late October and early February, respectively.
The application guidlines provide information on application eligibility, documents required for your application and necessary procedures, entrance examination methods and dates, enrollment procedures, admission fees, tuitions and other fees. A list showing detailed information on seminars and professors in charge is also included.
Application guidelines and forms for the September 2020 entrance examinations.
 Application guidelines
 Application form
 Admission ticket
Accommodation for international students is available in the on-campus “Global House” dormitory. Those interested should mention it when submitting their application.
Foreign students who have sufficient Japanese language abilities can be admitted to the other departments of the Graduate School of Social Sciences where most classes are taught in Japanese. The admission procedures are different than for the department of Global Business. Please visit the site in Japanese.
University of Hyogo
8-2-1, Gakuen Nishimachi, Nishi-ku
Kobe, 651-2197, Japan
The School of Economics and Management is located on the Kobe Campus for Commerce in the western part of Kobe City. Our compact and lively campus is just thirty minutes away from the center of the city.
Access / From the airport
Kansai International Airport
Osaka International Airport
 ↓Airport express buses run from both airports to Kobe Sannomiya Station.
Kobe Airport
 The Port Liner train connects the airport and Kobe Sannomiya Station.
From Kobe city center
From Sannomiya Station, take the Kobe municipal subway to Gakuentoshi Station. (around 20 minutes)
If you come to Kobe by bullet train (Shinkansen), take the Kobe municipal subway from Shin-Kobe Station to Gakuentoshi Station.
From Gakuentoshi station
It takes around 10 minutes from the subway station to our campus on foot.