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College of Nursing Art and Science

Nursing Art and Science
Fosters professional nurses who can flexibly address challengesrelated to healthcare, medics and welfare in local or internationalsocieties.

The college of Nursing Arts and Science is committed to nurturing professional nurses with a profound sense of humanity and ethics, high-level expertise, practical skills in the nursing field, and the ability to creatively address both domestic and overseas challenges. The master's program provided by the Graduate School of Nursing Arts and Science aims to develop human resources equipped with the expertise and skills that will allow them to address environmental changes in the fields of healthcare and welfare in an innovative, creative, and pioneering manner, thereby contributing to the development of nursing science through both practical work and pure research.

  • Features of the School of Nursing Art and Science
  • Study the value of life, and support anyone that requiresprotection
  • Encounter a wide variety of knowledge
  • Increased possibilities via multiple national qualifications
  • A leading Japanese education and research environment

Graduate School

Graduate School of Nursing Art and Science

Student Quota

  • Course of Nursing Art and Science
  • Master's program: 50 students (25 students per grade)
  • Doctoral program: 12 students (4 students per grade)
  • Course on Collaborative Disaster Nursing
  • The five-year system doctoral course: 10 students (2 students per grade)



Akashi Campus for Nursing Art and Science
13-71, Kitaoji-cho, Akashi, Hyogo

Student Quota

Undergraduate School

Nursing Art and Science:
420 students (100 students per grade, 10 students to be transferred from the 3rd grade class)