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School of Science

Material Science
Learn flexibility in the comprehensive pursuit of the mechanism and nature of materials.
Life Science
Aims at developing scientists with deep levels of insight and understanding of life phenomena.

The School of Science promotes basic science research and education that will lead to the creation of new and advanced scientific technologies. More than 60% of graduates progress to graduate schools to acquire more advanced knowledge and skills.

Postragduate studies are available at two schools, namely the Graduate School of Material Science, which fosters specialists in material science, and the Graduate School of Life Science, which explores life phenomena at the molecular and cellular level. The Graduate School of Life Science promotes the world’s most advanced educational and research curriculums in cooperation with the RIKEN Spring-8 Center. The program has been adopted as a “COE Program” and also as a “Program for Leading Graduate Schools” as part of a grant system introduced by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for the purpose of reforming graduate schools.

  • Features of the School of Science
  • Provides academic research and education
  • Promotes advanced research and sophisticated education
  • Fosters specialists capable of leading advanced science engineering initiatives in Hyogo

Graduate School

Graduate School of Material Science

Student Quota

  • Course of Material Science
  • Master’s program: 64 students (32 students per grade)

Graduate School of Life Science

Student Quota

  • Course of Life Science
  • Master’s program: 34 students (17 students per grade)
  • Doctoral program: 9 students (3 students per grade)

Graduate School of Life Science

Student Quota

  • Course of Pico Biology
  • 5-year doctoral program: 46 students (8 students per grade, 2 students to be transferred from the 3rd grade class)



Harima Campus for Science
3-2-1, Koto, Kamigori-cho, Ako-gun, Hyogo

Student Quota

Undergraduate School

Material Science:
 360 students (90 students per grade)

Life Science:
 340 students (85 students per grade)