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School of Social Information Science

Department of Social Information Science
Focused on data science, we aim at solution of social problems.

School of Social Information Science provides a comprehensive education in, and conducts research on “social information science” to solve complex issues in society, centered on information science.

The School of Social Information Science encourages the acquisition of knowledge and skills on information science and technology, practical information processing ability, and data analysis ability. It develops students who can contribute to society through their ability to analyze and utilize big data to understand economic trends.

Therefore, School of Social Information Science promotes systematic education ranging from the foundation to the cutting edge of information science. It provides a practical education that tackles social problems while maintaining high ethical standards. It acquires new knowledge by using logical explanatory power to analyze data, and fosters the ability to solve problems through strategic planning.

  • Features of School of Social Information Science
  • Learn about data utilization technology
  • Problem Based Learning, using real-world data for problem solving
  • Lectures from companies and research institutes at the cutting edge of social information science



Kobe Campus for Commerce
8-2-1, Gakuennishi-machi, Nishi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo

Student Quota

Undergraduate School

Department of Social Information Science:
 400 students (100 students per grade)