Full Scholarships Provided by the Government of Japan for International Global Business Course Students (September 2021 enrollment)

We are pleased to announce that the Global Business Course (GBC) in the School of Economics and Management at University of Hyogo was selected as a Special Program of the Japanese Government Scholarship for Student Priority Placement. This is a program created by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), with the aim to increase the number of high-performing international students studying in Japan.

Only 10 universities have been selected this year (out of the approximately 780 universities in Japan), with the University of Hyogo being the only public institution.

Scholarship Benefits:

  • a cash stipend of 120,000 JPY/ month for the duration of the 4 years of study
  • the examination fee, enrollment fee, and tuition fees (for 4 years) are paid for by the scholarship
  • a return international flight from and to the student’s country of origin is provided

The total amount of the scholarship for 4 years (excluding the price of the flight, which varies from country to country) is approximately 8,200,000 JPY.

Academic Benefits:

  • being part of a program (the GBC) that educates global citizens and promotes internationalization
  • acquiring knowledge and skills related to both the liberal arts and specialized subjects pertaining to the fields of economics, business, and management
  • living in a truly international environment, where international and domestic students share accommodations, study together, and learn about each other’s cultures
  • being a MEXT scholar—one of the highest distinctions awarded by the Government of Japan to international students

Each year starting from September 2021, 8 students who have passed the GBC entrance examination will be selected by the university to be the recipients of this scholarship. The criteria for selection will be announced on the GBC website:

Details regarding this special scholarship program can be found at the following website(Japanese site):

2021.11.25 Newly updated
"Selection of Japanese Government(MEXT)Scholarship Recipients"website