University of Hyogo Honorary Fellow Award Ceremony Held

 In April 2021, the University of Hyogo established a system to confer the title of "Honorary Fellow of University of Hyogo" to those who have made outstanding achievements in politics, economics, industry, art, culture, sports, and other fields, as well as in the administration and management of the University.

 On August 10, a ceremony was held at the University Headquarters to award the title of Honorary Fellow to Mr Tadashi Ikeno, the third person to receive this honorary title.

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 Profile of the Honorary Fellow of University of Hyogo

Mr Tadashi Ikeno has made distinguished achievements in the industrial world, and as an alumnus of the University, he has brought honour to the University and contributed significantly to its administration and management as a member of the Management Council and President of the Alumni Association.

(1) Main Career Summary

President and Representative Director, Oisis Inc.
President of Tansuikai (13th), the alumni association of Kobe campus for Commerce
President of Gakuyukai (2nd), the University of Hyogo Alumni Association
Member of the Management Council of the University of Hyogo, etc.

(2) Date of Birth

October 28, 1944

(3) Educational Background

Graduated from the Kobe University of Commerce (currently the University of Hyogo), Faculty of Commerce and Economics, March 1968

(4) Principal public positions

Director, Kobe City Federation of Shopping Center Associations
Director, Japan Baking Industry Association