2023 Fall Entrance Ceremony

On September 19th, The University of Hyogo held the 2023 Fall Entrance Ceremony for students in the Global Business Course (GBC) of the School of Economics and Management, and in the Department of Global Business (DGB) of the Graduate School of Social Sciences.

This year, 38 international students from 11 countries, including Indonesia, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Thailand, were welcomed to the GBC. Also, two students from Thailand and Malaysia were admitted to the DGB. The entrance ceremony was held in person and was streamed LIVE online.

In his ceremonial speech, President Makoto Kosaka addressed the new students who had worked hard to study at the University despite the severe restrictions of the coronavirus : “We provide education that enables students to acquire both critical and creative thinking. We hope you will develop a global multifaceted mindset and entrepreneurial spirit to pioneer a fair new world. The University treats you as adults and expects you to take responsibility for your actions. Please observe the norms of society, exercise good self-discipline, and lead a vibrant student life. It is said that the friends you make during your college years will become friends for life. We hope you will meet many friends in the classroom, in the library, through club activities and volunteer work, and in other ways that will allow you to work hard together. Please remember with gratitude that you are also supported financially by many generous corporations whose names you can see on the plaque at the entrance of Global House. Be decent! Be honest! Be righteous! Be confident! Now, embark on the great journey to freedom. The truth will set you free. We extend our heartfelt greetings to each of you for this new encounter with you, and we trust you have many happy and exciting years ahead.”

Bat-Erdene Dashdolgor from Mongolia delivered a student pledge to represent the new GBC students. During her speech, she emphasized the following: “When I first heard that I was admitted to the University of Hyogo, I experienced a mix of emotions such as excitement, happiness, and a bit of anxiety. I was glad to be admitted to this school, but simultaneously, I felt hesitant about leaving my home country, family, and friends behind. However, I have my own life goals to pursue, so I decided to follow my dream and study economics and management at the University of Hyogo. Also, I want to convey my gratitude to my family, teachers, and many others who helped me to enroll in GBC. I feel fortunate to be a part of GBC, and I believe fantastic experiences await me.”

Nguyen Pham Minh Quang, the representative of the current international GBC students, gave the welcome speech. ”Today is a special day that marks the start of your rewarding journey bound for self-development and a bright future. The Global Business Course of the University of Hyogo not only provides you with comprehensive study but also brings opportunities to explore the richness of Japanese culture. Besides classroom lectures, a lot of exciting experiences await you, including field trips, club activities, and Global House events. Whenever you need support, remember that your professors, caretakers, resident assistants, seniors, and peers will always be by your side to offer unwavering assistance. May your academic path be marked by outstanding accomplishments, and may your time here be full of moments of joy and personal growth.”

Congratulations to all international students on your enrollment. We hope you will deepen your studies at our university, and through various experiences and exchanges, you will grow even more and spread your wings to the world.

<GBC International Students’ Home countries & a region and Numbers>

Home countries & a region 2023 fall enrollments
Belarus 1
Cambodia 1
China 2
Malaysia 1
Mongolia 8
Thailand 4
Turkey 2
Vietnam 9
Taiwan 2
Vietnam 7
Zambia 1
Taiwan 2

We hope that the University of Hyogo will be an essential alma mater to all graduates, a place to which they can return at any time, and that they will all make further progress.