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University of Hyogo

University of Hyogo (UH) is a prefectural university supported financially and administratively by Hyogo Prefecture.

UH has:

  • ・8 undergraduate schools
  • ・14 graduate schools
  • ・4 affiliated research institutes
  • ・9 campuses in Hyogo Prefecture

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Current Students as of May 2018

Undergraduate Programs5048
Master’s Programs926
Doctoral Programs213
Five-year Doctoral Programs50

The number of faculty members was 514 in May 2018


The University was initially established as Hyogo Commercial High School in Kobe in 1929. In 1948, the high school was upgraded to Kobe University of Commerce, the first public university in Japan under the new educational system.
The Master's Programs of the Graduate School of Business Administration and the Graduate School of Economics were established in 1965 and 1967, respectively. In 1971, Doctoral Programs were begun in both Graduate Schools. The Graduate School of Accountancy and the Graduate School of Business were opened in 2007 and 2010, respectively.
In 1990, the University moved to its current location, Gakuen Nishimachi. It and two other prefectural universities were integrated into the University of Hyogo in 2004.

Kobe Campus for Commerce

Pictures of the Campus

View of the Campus


University Main Office

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School of Economics and Management University of Hyogo

8-2-1, Gakuen Nishimachi, Nishi-ku Kobe, 651-2197, Japan
phone: +81-(0)78-794-5362
e-mail: gbc@hq.u-hyogo.ac.jp


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