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Global Business Course Admissions for Foreign Students

Number of Admissions from Overseas

30 per year

Application Eligibility

1) Non-Japanese nationality
2) Individuals must have completed, outside of Japan, what is the equivalent of a 12-year education in Japan.
3) Individuals cannot have attended a Japanese junior or senior high school for more than three years in total.
4) Individuals must have English proficiency at the CEFR B2 level or higher.
(Please confirm the latest Application Instructions.)

Screening Method

Students will be selected based on their application documents and an interview.
The interview will be conducted in English, either locally or through the Internet. Applicants residing outside Japan do not need to come to Japan for the interview.

Screening Schedule

(Please refer to the latest Application Instructions.)

Application Guidelines

Application Forms

Examination and Admission Fees

Foreign students who have sufficient Japanese language abilities can be admitted to the School of Economics and Management and join the Economics Course or the Business Administration Course where most classes are taught in Japanese. The admission procedures are different than for the Global Business Course. Please visit the site in Japanese.


Tuition, Fees, Financial Aid, and Living Expenses are here.

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