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GBC Resident Assistant (RA) Interviews with GBC Professors #3 - Interview with Professor Kazuma Yamashita

Date: July 30, 2021

Place: Kobe Campus for Commerce, the University of Hyogo

Professor Kazuma Yamashita

Interviewer’s Comment:

“Professor Yamashita teaches “Bookkeeping,” an interesting subject for international and Japanese GBC students. It was a true pleasure getting to know more about him. Speaking with him has genuinely motivated me to study harder. Thank you very much, professor Yamashita. ”

Question 1
While we are university students, what do you recommend us to do?

Professor Yamashita:
I think that the most important thing for students is to study different cultures as much as possible. Familiarizing ourselves with different cultures is highly rewarding and helps us improve our communications skills and think from various perspectives.

I also advise students to think seriously about their extracurricular activities, hobbies, and interesting university subjects. For example, I joined the “English Debate Club” when I was a university student. At that time, having a good command of English was my strength and advantage when I was looking for a job.

I especially encourage Japanese students to speak English as much as possible. They should not hesitate to speak English or care about making mistakes.

Question 2
Why did you decide to work for this university?

Professor Yamashita:
Before I became a professor at this university, I worked for US Bank. After retirement, I wanted to do something using my English skills. I studied and graduated from the University of Hyogo, and I heard about the establishment of the Global Business Course. I thought to contribute to GBC through my English skills and expertise, so I decided to teach GBC students.

Question 3
What is the most challenging aspect when you teach us?

Professor Yamashita:
I felt that it is not easy to teach students who cannot follow up. In addition, the level of understanding of subject matters may differ among international and Japanese students. For me, it was a concern how to fill in this gap. I hope that students excel at their studies and challenge themselves to seek knowledge as much as possible.

Interview by:
Rinka Yoshida, Global House Resident Assistant (Japan)

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