The University of Hyogo (UH) was established in 2004 by merging three traditional prefectural universities: Kobe University of Commerce, Himeji Institute of Technology, and College of Nursing Art and Science.

2004 April University of Hyogo established.
Graduate School of Applied Informatics established.
May Opening Ceremony of the School Year
December Research Institute of Nursing Care for People and Community established.
2007 April Graduate School of Accountancy established.
Junior High School of University of Hyogo established.
Institute of Natural and Environmental Sciences (Forest and Wildlife Division) established.
2009 April Awaji Campus (currently Awaji Campus for Landscape Design and Management) established.
Graduate School of Landscape Design and Management established.
Institute for Student Support established.
2010 April Graduate School of Business established.
Institute for Policy Analysis and Social Innovation established.
October Career Center established.
2011 March Administrative Office moved to Kobe Gakuentoshi Campus (currently Kobe Campus for Commerce).
April Kobe Port Island Campus (currently Kobe Campus for Information Science) established.
Graduate School of Simulation Studies established.
Institute for Research Promotion and Collaboration (currently Institute for Innovation and Social Value Creation) established.
2012 April Institute for Creative Cities and Regions (currently Institute for Innovation and Social Value Creation) established.
2013 April Public University Corporation University of Hyogo (currently Hyogo Public University Corporation) established.
2014 April Toyooka Geo & Kounotori Campus established.
Graduate School of Regional Resource Management established.
2017 April Kobe Campus for Disaster Reduction established.
Graduate School of Disaster Resilience and Governance established.
High School of University of Hyogo established.
Institute for International Relations
2019 April School of Economics and Management established.
 School of Social Information Science established.
2021 April  Graduate School of Social Sciences established.
 Graduate School of Science established.
 Graduate School of Information Science established.
2022 April  Advanced Medical Engineering Research Institute established.