Basic Objectives

The university will focus on integration and collaborative practices, offering the advantages of a comprehensive university, will conduct education and research that emphasize integration between different fields, promote original and pioneering research and do its utmost to "create new knowledge," and strive to develop human resources with solid professional skills and a broad education who can respond to the developments of the new era.

Vision of the University

1. A university of humanistic values that can be proud of its educational achievements

Aiming to be a university that can be proud of its educational achievements by developing creative and autonomous human resources who can play an active role in local and international society, equipped with problem-seeking abilities and global literacy, including a broad range of liberal arts and specialist knowledge and skills, as well as a rich humanity rooted in a respect for life.

2. A university with a rich personality where leading and original research is conducted

Aiming to be a university of unique characteristics, whose advanced and original research (conducted using the elaborate research infrastructure in Hyogo Prefecture, and in collaboration with the various prefectural research institutions) can be shared not only with the local community, but also with the international society.

3. A dream-rich university that is open to the world and develops together with the local community

Responding to the lifelong learning needs of the people of the prefecture, the university aims to contribute to the development of the local community by widely opening up its educational and research functions, and to contribute to the creation of new industries and the promotion of the local economy, in cooperation with the science and technology-related institutions and companies that are clustered in the prefecture. Furthermore, by promoting international exchange in education and research, and striving to disseminate academic culture to the world, the university aims to be open to the world and to develop together with the local community.