Message from the President

Makoto Kosaka, President of University of Hyogo

The University of Hyogo aims to realize a prosperous and diverse society of the future by fostering professionals in "knowledge".

The University of Hyogo(UH) was established in 2004 by merging three traditional prefectural universities: Kobe University of Commerce, Himeji Institute of Technology, and College of Nursing Art and Science. Today, with six faculties, nine graduate schools, five research institutes, and attached junior and high schools, UH is one of the leading public universities in Japan.

In times of crisis, when the future is difficult to predict, UH has three main roles. First, we must support the students who will lead the next generation in their tireless efforts to acquire the personal strength to survive the fierce competition and the specialized knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the changing times and pioneer a new world.

We foster professionals in "knowledge" who can develop themselves through their studies and lead society in a better direction.

The state of academia is about to undergo a significant transformation with the development of digital intelligence and generative AI. To proactively utilize the rapidly advancing information and communication technologies, sharpening critical thinking and creative thinking is indispensable.

Through your university life with fellow students from various cultural backgrounds, you will develop a global and multifaceted mindset and entrepreneurial spirit that builds bridges between people rather than building walls between them.

We will also provide you with reskilling opportunities to continue learning throughout your life, not only during your student years but also in the 100-year life period.

In the Society 5.0 society, there怀is a strong demand for universities to promote outstanding interdisciplinary research that integrates different disciplines to address pressing global issues such as biodiversity crisis, green transformation, pandemics, and peacebuilding.

While carefully inheriting traditional basic research and manufacturing, UH will promote joint research with academic institutions and private companies at home and abroad, industry-academia-government collaboration globally, and through university-launched ventures, we will return the results of our research to society at large.

The third role of UH as a space of learning and knowledge is to present a vision of a prosperous and diverse future society and to create hope. Only by working together in a spirit of fraternity while preserving the culture and traditions of each region and community at home and abroad can UH lead the way in meeting the challenges of the coming age.

UH will lead the way in meeting the challenges of the coming age based on the concepts of "Well-being," "For the planet," and "Leave no one behind," as stated in the SDGs.