College of Nursing Art and Science


Developing nurse professionals through nursing care

Students develop autonomous learning to consider nursing care by valuing their awareness through dialogue, and cultivate the human qualities required to be close to joy and suffering and respect human rights.


All students obtain nursing and health professional qualifications

The curriculum integrates nursing and health professional education. Students acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills and become able to respond flexibly to the uncertain future of modern society.


Study with the latest equipment in a diverse environment

Practical training is conducted in cooperation with hospitals and facilities in the prefecture with various specialties. The latest biological simulators and other equipment are also used to strengthen the response to digitalization.

Yearly Entrance Quota and Degree

Department Yearly Entrance Quota Degree
Nursing 105 Nursing

Main Qualifications and Licenses


Akashi Campus for Nursing Art and Science
13-71, Kitaoji-cho, Akashi, Hyogo 673-8588