Graduate School of Nursing Art and Science

Nursing is a discipline dedicated to the pursuit of caring for individuals. In our graduate school, we foster individuals capable of independently addressing various challenges, finding solutions, and implementing them. Additionally, we offer sub-programs (such as the Data Health sub-program) beyond the core nursing domain.

Program and Course

Program for Nursing and Art Science

Research Course

Fifteen areas of research courses are offered. Students acquire knowledge about nursing issues of their own interest and learn nursing theories and research methods to understand nursing phenomena. In the master's program, students will acquire research skills that will contribute to nursing practice. Upon completion of the program, students will further explore practice and research in educational and research positions, as well as in clinical practice.

Advanced Practice Nurse Course

The course offers eight areas of study. In addition to a specialized view of physical functions, diseases, and symptoms, students will develop a multifaceted understanding of the characteristics of health problems faced by people based on the experiences of the sick and the process of human growth and development, as well as the practical ability to develop nursing care backed by expertise in each academic field. Students will learn various theories necessary for nursing assistance and acquire advanced practical skills to provide effective support for health problems related to their own topics of interest. Upon completion of the program, students are employed by hospitals and home health care nursing stations, where they take the first step toward becoming professional nurses by solving practical problems in the clinical field.

Nursing Leadership Course

This course is designed for students to acquire the ability to address issues related to human care practice in various settings, including communities, schools, industry, and medical institutions, and to exercise leadership in innovations in care and systems to realize healthy lives for people. In addition, in order to develop the ability to apply what they have learned in class while practicing in the field, the course is offered mainly on Saturdays, as well as during weekday evenings and intensive lectures during summer and winter terms, so that students can continue to work in the field of healthcare and school health while studying.

Disaster Nursing Global Leader Degree Program

This is a five-year course that integrates the Master's and Doctoral programs. In the Master's course, students will acquire the ability to understand care needs in various disaster situations and support people to live healthy lives, as well as develop leadership and coordination skills to solve social issues brought about by disasters in collaboration and cooperation with other academic fields and sectors from various perspectives. Students will acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills related to disaster nursing by taking courses offered by other universities participating in the University Disaster Nursing Consortium and other graduate schools, as well as through practical internships and extracurricular activities.

Yearly Entrance Quota and Degree


Department Yearly Entrance Quota  Degree
 Nursing Art and Science  25  Science in Nursing


Department Yearly Entrance Quota Degree
Nursing Art and Science 4 Philosophy in Nursing


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