Institutes of the University

Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education

To foster the foundational "Bachelor's capabilities" of undergraduate students, we offer university-wide subjects and three minor programs to cultivate a broad perspective, nurture a rich humanity, improve problem-solving skills, and develop students' international communication skills.

Institute for Student Support

The institute provides support for student risk and health management, scholarships, university festivals, clubs, etc., to ensure a safe and fulfilling campus life, and also supports career development to meet the diverse needs of students so that they can thrive in their chosen fields after graduation.

Institute for International Relations

The institute supports international exchange initiatives tailored to individual requirements, including exchanges with partner schools overseas, short-term language classes, and support for internships abroad. The Center for Global Engagement was opened in September 2019 to expand opportunities for developing students' global perspectives and multicultural understanding.

Institute for Innovation and Social Value Creation

The institute promotes collaborative research and innovation with universities, industry, and government. It supports research on the latest themes and personnel development for local companies. These initiatives include establishing the New Metal Materials Research Center, the Collaborative Research Center for Hydrogen Energy, and the AI Center for Research and Education.

Library and Academic Information Center

Housing about one million books and 10,000 magazines across all campuses, we support academic research by managing essential books and information systems. We also aim to return academic information to the community and contribute to the exchange and development of academic culture.