Graduate School of Landscape Design and Management

The Graduate School aims to cultivate highly qualified professionals who will work with diverse stakeholders to create green cities and communities with stunning landscapes in harmony with nature. It is committed to developing human resources with practical skills while leveraging its close ties with administrative organizations in Hyogo.

Education Areas

Conservation Management

We train "conservation management specialists" who can understand, analyze, and evaluate the green environment, and create, restore, and preserve landscapes.

Utilization Design

We train "utilization specialists" who can grasp the role of landscapes, devise spatial designs, and formulate utilization plans.

Policy Management

We train "policy experts" who can formulate environmental and landscape policies and implement them in collaboration with citizens and others.

Yearly Entrance Quota and Degree

Professional Degree

Department Yearly Entrance Quota Degree
Landscape Design and Management 20 Landscape Design and Management


Awaji Campus for Landscape Design and Management
954-2, Nojimatokiwa, Awaji, Hyogo 656-1726