Thematic Education Program

The thematic education program is an educational program that transcends the boundaries of the faculty, with specific themes established to expand learning opportunities beyond the main major of the faculty to which students belong.
The University has selected three themes that are crucial for the coming age, and offers minor programs.
Each program consists of subjects that are different from the usual lecture format, such as fieldwork, experience programs, and problem-solving proposals, and are designed for students to learn independently.
Upon completion of the requirements, students will receive a certificate of completion and other certificates.

Regional Revitalization Education Program (RREP)

Together with professors from a variety of faculties and graduate schools, the program aims to solve regional issues in Hyogo. Graduates are awarded the titles of "Hyogo Gakushi" and "Community Planner Associate" (a collaborative program with the University of Miyagi).

Global Leader Education Program (GLEP)

In addition to specialized knowledge, the program aims to nurture individuals who can play an active role in international and local communities by acquiring foreign language communication skills and global education. Graduates are awarded the title of "Global Leader."

Disaster Reduction Leadership Program

The program trains students to have a disaster prevention mindset (excellent knowledge of disaster prevention and a spirit of action) and to be able to contribute to the community and society. Graduates are awarded the title of "Disaster Reduction Leader," and the curriculum is also designed to qualify them as disaster prevention specialists.