General Courses

Education is provided to cultivate the broad perspective required for all undergraduate students, as well as to cultivate a rich sense of humanity, improve problem-solving skills, and develop international communication skills.
General Courses are offered mainly at the Kobe Campus for Commerce and the Himeji Campus for Engineering, and are designed to improve foreign language communication skills, information literacy, and understanding of issues in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and other fields. 
The program offers a wide variety of courses to improve foreign language communication skills and information literacy, to acquire a liberal arts education in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, and to understand the issues facing modern society.

Course Area

General Courses are largely divided into three areas: "Career Planning," "Academic Skills for the Age of Globalization," and "Liberal Arts."

Career Planning

Designed to help students to develop a basic attitude toward studying, including being proactive in their learning and campus life, and an attitude toward lifelong learning, which is necessary for building their careers.

Academic Skills for the Age of Globalization

Designed for first-year students to acquire the basic skills required to pursue studies in the University, and divided into three areas: "English/Japanese," "Foreign Languages," and "Statistics and IT."


To help students develop comprehensive communication abilities, both oral and literate English/Japanese skills, there are compulsory core English/Japanese courses as well as various elective English language courses.

Foreign Languages

Foreign language courses are provided to help students develop practical communication abilities, which are important for expanding their scope of activities in global society, developing social skills, and promoting cross-cultural understanding.

Statistics and IT

Designed to help students acquire the basic skills necessary for statistical and information processing, develop the ability to collect and analyze diverse information, and use information effectively and morally. Courses on information ethics, basic computer operations, and the use of networks are offered.

Liberal Arts

Liberal arts are largely divided into two areas: "Humanities" and "Special Subjects for the University of Hyogo."


Designed to help students to understand their existence from various perspectives, including history, culture, society and nature, and gain a deep insight into what human beings should be, and to provide students with a multilateral perspective through cultural, social and natural science studies.

Special Subjects for the University of Hyogo

Designed to raise students' awareness about an aging society with a declining birthrate, the global economy, the global environment, and disaster prevention and management, and to develop the capabilities to tackle these issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.


Campus Faculty
Kobe Campus for Commerce School of Economics and Management
School of Social Information and Science 
College of Nursing Art and Science
Himeji Campus for Engineering School of Engineering
School of Science
School of Human Science and Environment