Graduate School of Information Science

The Graduate School of Information Science, University of Hyogo is opened in April 2021.

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Reorganization of the Graduate School of Information Science

This graduate school was established by integrating the Graduate School of Applied Informatics and the Graduate School of Simulation Science, which were independent graduate schools (i.e., graduate schools that do not have a department directly under them), with the participation of faculty members from the Faculty of Social Information Science. Since the Faculty of Social Information Science was established on Spring 2019, students enrolled in the graduate school are basically externals until the 2022 spring enrollment. From Spring of 2023, many laboratories on the Kobe Information Science Campus are expected to accept students from outside the university to match their fields of specialization.

Admission for candidates of students

[Updated December 14, 2022] 2023 Graduate School Enrollment for Doctoral Program Entrance Examination [General]

[Updated May 27, 2022] Q/A about the Entrance Examination

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