University of Hyogo D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) Declaration

The University of Hyogo is a comprehensive university established by integrating universities with different fields of study against the background of the diverse regional characteristics of the sea and mountains.

To achieve its 100th-anniversary vision of becoming a world-class university that is trusted and valued by society, the University has attracted a diverse range of students and faculty members from home and abroad and has worked to develop human resources who can play an active role on glocal basis.

For a further leap forward, the University of Hyogo will develop its gender equality initiatives, which it has been promoting since 2012, based on the ideas of 'diversity', which respects the diversity and values of each individual, and 'inclusion', which means that all members of the University are included without being left out.

Therefore, the University of Hyogo hereby declares its university-wide promotion of diversity and inclusion to create an environment in which every faculty member and student can make the most of their abilities and co-create, regardless of gender, disability, nationality, religion, culture, sexual minority status, etc.

Basic Policy for the Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion

  1. The University of Hyogo recognizes the diverse backgrounds of its students, faculty and staff, promotes mutual understanding, and in collaboration with the local community, strives to build a campus where no one is left out and everyone is respected, even if they are a minority.
  2. To develop the next generation of human resources with an inclusive mindset, the University of Hyogo will form a network between faculty, staff and students with a focus on 'Students First' and provide support for raising awareness of diversity and career development.
    (Human resource development)
  3. The University of Hyogo will contribute to the career development and career advancement of researchers who need support, create an environment where anyone, regardless of background, can improve their skills and give back to society through their research achievements, and aim to create a university where researchers and organizations can develop while maximizing their strengths.
    (Research support)
  4. The University of Hyogo will develop a system in which everyone can work with peace of mind regardless of life events and create a working environment in which living a fulfilling life is beneficial to work. Furthermore, we strive to improve the synergy effect created by enriching work and life.
    (Work-life synergy)

May 10, 2021
University of Hyogo