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List of classes available

1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year
General courses for all students Basic Seminar
English Core Class
Basics of Information Processing
Information Science Overview
English Elective Class
Basic courses attached to a particular major Social Information Science Overview
Mathematics for Social Information Science
Calculus I
Linear Algebra I
Programming I
Probability & Statistics
Management Data Overview
Programming II
Information Ethics & Law
Data Structures & Algorithms
Economic Data Overview
Specialist courses Information science Calculus II
Linear Algebra II
Programming III
Cutting Edge Information Technology
Artificial Intelligence
Data Mining
Management Information Systems
Information Management
Machine Learning
Computational Theory
Systems Administration
Information Access Systems
Information Security
Software Development Theory
Information & Media Theory
Computer Networks
Data analysis Cutting Edge Data Analysis Data Analysis Seminar
Multivariate Analysis
Medical Welfare Information Theory
Social Data Analysis
Policy Data Analysis
Data Visualization
Social Survey Method
Geographical Information Systems
Decision theory Mathematical Modeling
Operations Research
Decision Theory
Statistical Modeling
Optimization Theory
Graph Theory
Basic courses in sociology Management Overview
Accounting Overview
Bookkeeping Theory I & II
Microeconomics I & II
Macroeconomics I & II
Advanced courses in sociology Financial Information Analysis Theory
Marketing Theory
Economic Policy I & II
Management Tactics Theory
Consumer Behavior Theory
Manufacturing Management
Macroeconomics III
Cost Accounting Theory
Seminar courses PBL Seminar I PBL Seminar II Research Seminar I
Research Seminar II
Undergraduate Thesis

Class selection model

Students may select classes in the information and social sciences that suit their academic interests. Click here for a sample class selection model. PDF