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Admission Fees, Tuition Fees, and Scholarships

Admission fees and tuition fees

The admission fees, etc. as of April 1, 2018 are given in the table below.
Type of fee When processing admission May October Total
Admission fee A (within Hyogo Prefecture) ¥282,000 - - ¥282,000
B (outside Hyogo Prefecture) ¥423,000 - - ¥423,000
Tuition fees - ¥267,900 ¥267,900 ¥535,800
N.B.: “A” refers to the situation wherein the university applicant, his/her spouse or one of his/her immediate family members has lived within Hyogo Prefecture continuously for at least one year prior to the date of enrolment (April 1, 2019). “B” refers to any situation not covered under “A.”

Tuition exemption

Students who have an excellent academic record and who have difficulties paying the tuition fees may, upon filing a request and their request being accepted, be exempted from payment of the tuition fees. This exemption shall apply to either the full amount or half the amount. Please check the main University of Hyogo website.


Students who have excellent academic results and who are of good character, and who are experiencing financial difficulties, may be eligible upon selection to receive a scholarship, either as a gift (no obligation to repay) or as a loan (which must be repaid at a later date). Our university currently runs three types of scholarship programs: scholarships from the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), those from local public entity, and those from private organizations. Please check the main University of Hyogo website.