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Career Support

At the University of Hyogo, we are continuing the high degree of recognition in the job market of our three predecessor prefectural universities (Kobe University of Commerce, Himeji Institute of Technology and Hyogo Prefectural Nursing University), while adding on top of that an excellent job-hunting support system.
So that each and every one of our students can clearly envision their goals for the future, from their freshman year, through basic seminars and other classes, we not only strengthen their awareness of their specialist field but inculcate an awareness of the working world, so that after graduation they can proactively engage in their industry. On top of that, within each school and faculty’s curriculum, students are educated in such as way as to encourage them to develop the skills and the attitude to proactively pursue their own path in life based on a thorough understanding of themselves as individuals. So that students can go on to careers in which they can utilize the skills and knowledge they have acquired at the University of Hyogo, before they begin their job-hunting activities they attend job-hunting training, etiquette seminars, etc., and are provided with one-on-one discussions with lecturers, OBs and OGs, other advisers, etc. Through this system, students acquire the practical know-how that they need to pursue the perfect career for them.

Job-hunting is a critical activity during which students must think seriously on such things as how they are going to live their lives and what kind of lives they want to have, and make big choices. Students need to think about, and gain a firm image of, what they really want to do. The most important prerequisite to selecting a career is to know yourself (self-analysis). Our university supports its students in their job-hunting activities. We encourage our students to utilize these as appropriate, and, holding their own values and working attitudes, to find a job that suits their way of life and helps to improve them as individuals.

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